Hi – Welcome to my blog, Grammy Getting Strong. 

I am Grammy (Pam).  I started 2015 with a goal of getting physically strong.  At age 67 I noticed little aches and pains had become an everyday part of my life, and I was starting to decline activities because I felt stiff or tired.  I wanted to regain some of the comfort in my body that I had when I was young.  However, some form of this goal has been my New Year’s resolution for at least the past 10 years – I started this blog to document what I learn and keep me accountable.

Starting Out - January 1, 2015:  The Good News:
  • I have a wonderful family!  Sweet husband Stan, and kids grown up and enjoying families of their own
  • I’m pretty healthy.  No cancer, since breast cancer treatment in 2010.  No major illness or disability.
  • I’m retired .  I have plenty of time to work on this.  (And that means No Excuses!)

This is Stan and me on Christmas Day.  (Hair color by my lovely granddaughter, Mira!)

      The Bad News:
  • I feel like I’m getting weaker – out of breath on the stairs, can't run, afraid to sign up for a horseback riding vacation
  • I know I’m lugging around 20 or 30 extra pounds I don’t need
  • I have several annoying non-illnesses:  hip pain, itchy skin rash, can't sleep, thinning hair.  

I chose this photo for my "before" picture because I look saggy and lumpy and I'm holding a glass of wine.  I had actually dressed for this family picnic thinking I looked fine in what I was wearing  : (     I can be better!

Since beginning my year of health, I've been reading about nutrition, cooking some new foods, exercising and documenting it all in these posts.  And I'm making progress!  I feel great every time I notice my clothes are loose, or step out of the car with no pain in my hip.   I hope some of what I'm learning will be helpful to readers who are also trying to improve their health, and of course, entertaining to my faithful family and friends who are following my journey.  Thank you for reading!

Here's how I looked at the end of June, 2015:

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