Thursday, June 4, 2015

Garden Update

We're having beautiful spring weather and things are really happening in the garden.  We went to Wells Medina Nursery for flowers and tomatoes, and we have lots of planting and weeding to do!

Here's an update on our efforts.  The herbs and tomatoes in the AeroGarden are coming along nicely.  We've used the herbs, and I'm just starting to pick tomatoes.   Readers - do you have any good recipes using fresh dill?

I have also been picking lettuce from the pea patch - had a great salad the other day!  (You can see we have some weeding to do - arrgh!)  I also harvested some rhubarb - not sure what to do with it.

Here are the flowers I planted this morning.  I was disappointed at how rootbound the salvia was.  I tried to unwind them a bit and loosen up the soil from the little packages.  Readers - advice here?

I found these planter boxes in the yard last year and cleaned and stained them.  How nice to have them all ready and full of nice soil for planting today.

My color scheme will be purple and orange - purple petunias and orange lantana and salvia.  I'm hoping we have enough sun for the lantana, but with the way spring has started out perhaps we will.  Hmm, guess I could invest in some nicer-looking pots.  Maybe for next year.

That's Stan's pond in the background.  A nice family of about 8 goldfish live there - easy pets as they are pretty much self-sufficient.  Stan's plan is for them to eat the mosquitoes.  Must be working okay,  because we don't feed them, and we don't seem to have any mosquitos.

Here's what I did in front - some impatiens for the spot under the eaves where nothing grows, and geraniums next to the front door.

Charla gave me these Egyptian walking onions - I had never heard of them before.  I had to google How to Plant Egyptian onions, and one person said "toss the onion sets down where you want them and step back".  These don't have onion sets on the tops yet, so I planted the whole thing, hopefully at the right depth.  I'd love to have onions available!  Stan does a lot of cooking with shallots but doesn't like onions, and apparently these are "shallot-like" so he'll like them too.

Don't these chives in our backyard look nice!  Time for Stan to make his potato-crab appetizer  : )


  1. Beautiful garden! Sole with herb butter is one of Ben's favorite summer recipes with dill. He usually serves it with "squash noodles" (ribbons of zucchini or squash cut with a vegetable peeler, leaving out the seedy portions, quickly cooked with oil or butter).

    1. We'll try the recipe - thank you! Had I known about the squash noodles I would have sent you a spiralizer for your birthdays - cool gadget.