Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ninth Monthly Assessment - September 30th

Well, I certainly haven't lost any weight this month - still at 130, with an occasional sighting of 131 on the scale.  Aaarrrgh!  I see one has to be always vigilant, even when one thinks one has made new better eating habits. We have been so busy having fun that we've had more restaurant food and camping food, and less super-healthy Dr. Wahls and Dr. Rosedale food.  We are coming up on some more travel, so this situation will get more dangerous before it gets better!

January 31st
September 26th

January 31st
September 26th

Forgive my bragging, but this is the first time I've ever had a detectable arm muscle  : )

Some things that are going well:

  • I still feel strong!  Carried my backpack, full canteen and bear canister 3 miles each way without difficulty.  (And so did Stan, who carried the tent - heavy! Not something every 75-year-old can do!)
  • We've been very faithful about going to the gym twice a week, and we've been walking our favorite 3-mile trail as a warm up, instead of 10 minutes on the treadmill.
  • I went from September 1st to September 19th with zero wine or other alcohol.  Had a glass at our favorite neighborhood pub when we got back from camping, and I see I can still easily fall back into having some every day.  I may have to admit it's easier to have none than have it only once in a while  : (
  • Slept on the ground two nights without hip pain - amazing and great!
  • We really are having a lot of fun.  Travel, hiking, involvement in our investment club, and I took a class on how to use the long-arm quilting machine at a quilt shop in Issaquah.  I learned some cool stuff and now I can rent it by the hour, although it is a bit expensive so I won't be doing it for every quilt I make.

Need work on:

  • Stopping the little items that have snuck back into my diet:  glutinous crackers with cheese, the occasional slice of toast, wine, cocoa (leftover from camping), and Starbucks frappuccinos! Those are about as habit-forming as wine!
  • Sleep!  I had thought when I wasn't having any alcohol I would sleep better.  There was perhaps a bit of improvement, but I still spend time at night tossing and turning and unable to turn off my thoughts.  Lately I'm falling into a second sleep around 5 or 6 AM and feeling groggy when I want to wake up. 
  • I still want to lose some more weight, or actually, lose some more belly fat.  When I went out this morning to get more melatonin and other supplements, I found a book by the Paleo Diet founder called The Paleo Answer.  Of course I know I have to actually eat the right stuff, not just read the book, but I'm hoping it will help with motivation.

Here are some photos to show how my appearance has changed since a year ago - last year on the left, this year on the right:

I do know that my actual appearance is not as important as how I feel about it.  I look okay in all the photos, but I am much happier with the later ones.  In some, you can't even notice the weight loss, but my face is thinner, posture better, hair blonder and smile bigger.  I feel better and more energetic.  That's what's important!

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