Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stormy Weather

Stan and I are in Cannon Beach Oregon.  We decided to spend some time here in the off-season to see what life at a small coastal town would be like.  Well, whew!  It has been very stormy!

We have gone to the beach several times with the plan to get some good photos, but it has either been fogged in, or very windy with rain or hail beating down and we're afraid of destroying the camera.  The waves have been very big, and we're hoping they'll still be big when it dries up a bit.  Here are a few shots we took.

Stan took this panorama with his new camera.  Nice!

The night before the big storm, when we had first arrived, we saw these birds all facing south.  I wonder if they knew a storm was brewing, or do they just face into the wind?

Needless to say, we've spent a lot of time snug in our rental house with books and computers.  It's quite comfortable, and the power's still on, though it has blinked a few times (fingers crossed!)

After a few days of cozy resting, we ventured out... groceries called!  What an interesting trip!  Sorry I don't have photos to show you - I was too scared and amazed.   The Safeway is in Seaside, 9 miles up the coast, and all along the way there were little creeks that you would normally not even notice, only now they are giant lakes, right up to the sides of the road.  At one point there was a traffic jam where the road actually went under the water for 100 yards or so.  Cars were slowly going through it, so we did too.  Glad we brought the Subaru with 4-wheel drive and all-weather tires!  I was afraid they would close the road before we got back, but it looks like they're used to this here.  On our way back, the water was even higher, I would say a foot deep, and there was a rescue vehicle parked ready to pull out anyone who got stuck.  No one had, and we got through fine.

Look what else we encountered in a semi-dry moment!  We hiked from Cannon Beach to Ecola State Park.  The map said 1.5 miles to the park, but didn't mention it was quite uphill.  The woman in the Tourist Info center looked surprised when we mentioned we were walking there, and advised us it could be very muddy.  She didn't mention the mud would be on a very steep trail, sort of like a ski run in spots.  We made it up hill okay, but it was quite slippery going down.

Another traffic jam as we headed back into town.  Can you see this big guy eating the hedge??  There was a whole family of elk grazing and resting in a vacant patch of grass.  Great photo op, but I was scared!  The other folks were in cars, but we were walking along the sidewalk right by them, and I was afraid they might get startled as my umbrella flapped in the wind.  (Of course it was raining.)  We avoided eye contact and they let us go by with only a cursory glance.  I was a bit grateful Stan didn't have his camera, as he doesn't scare as easily as I do!

This picture shows how close we were - scary!

Cannon Beach is such a nice little town.  I love the idea you can leave home on foot and get a coffee, some library books, visit the quilt shop and yarn store, and eat at any number of good restaurants.  My plan was to walk on the beach every day for exercise...  not working so far, instead we've been staying home by the fire with wine and snacks.  Oops.

The library is all-volunteer, and they let us join for $5 so we can borrow a few books.

I browsed through this yarn shop thinking a crochet or knitting project might be fun, but I didn't actually know what to get.  Some of the yarn is really beautiful, but also pretty expensive.

I had almost given up my walk as the rain beat down, and then I turned the corner and came upon this rainbow.  I walked a bit further, and came out into the sunshine that you see in the photos above  : )

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