Sunday, July 12, 2015

Time Out for Girl Stuff

Yesterday I spent time with my granddaughter Mira, who just got the cutest pixie haircut ever!  We agree she looks older, more sophisticated, more polished and still her very lovely self.  She was happy her hair was long enough to donate for kids going through chemo.  Here's how she looks.

So, with hair styles on our minds, we shopped for some hair accessories and did some experimenting.  Here are some cute looks we came up with. You can see I need to practice on the spiky look...

Mira likes simple bobbies
I like bows
Different, but cute

Slicked back
I tried a spiky look
Smooth with gel
Here's my personal favorite.  Isn't this just classic and beautiful for a dressy look?

Must admit, while we were in Bartells right next to the clips and bows my eye caught packages of hair coloring.  I've been toying with the idea of trying to make my gray/white hair look more ash blond.  I've been using a conditioner that's supposed to add golden tones, but it doesn't make a noticeable change in my hair.  Hmm, there I was right next to the products, and I had a competent stylist along!  A no-brainer!  Here's my "before" shot, and what I was supposed to look like after.  I don't quite look like the picture on the box, but I'm happy with the result  : )   You did a good job Mira - thanks!

Here's the goal...
Champagne colored??
Stan took this picture, and says we both look lovely!

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  1. Wow, Mira is looking classy, sassy, and cute. A perfect look for the summer. Your new 'do looks great, too, Mom!