Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Time Out for a Book Launch Party

Stan and I had a fun opportunity to see a little behind the scenes of a new author getting his first book published.  Melanie's friend from college is A. C. Fuller, author of the thriller Anonymous Source, recently published by Booktrope.  Thanks to Melanie, Stan and I got to read the manuscript during its last round of edits, and suggest comments and corrections.  We loved the story - didn't guess whodunit until the very end - and we also had some suggestions and caught a few typos.  We received a nice email of thanks from A.C. and were very pleasantly surprised to learn our names are included in the Acknowledgements in the book!

Adam and his wife Amanda hosted a fun launch party last Saturday at Lowercase Brewing in south Seattle.  Amanda is Mandy to me, and A. C. is Adam - she is Melanie's friend from high school, and in fact, Melanie introduced Mandy and Adam  : )   Mandy performed a long rap she had written to advertise the book.  It was amazing!  She had the entire (long) thing memorized and never lost a beat and spoke so we could understand the words.  She has talent!!

Folks enjoying beer and tamales at Lower Case Brewing

Melanie chatting up A.C.

A.C. signing the book

I wait to buy raffle tickets and get my copy of the book signed

 Notice the beer we are holding.  Lowercase Brewing brewed a special batch, called Anonymous Source ale.  It is served with a "hop drop", which is a mix of hops and lemon peel hung in the glass in a filter that looks like a tea strainer.  Sorry I didn't get a close-up.  I was too busy having fun to even remember to take photos, so these photos are thanks to Stan.

The raffle tickets turned out to be a good investment.  We bought three tickets and won two books - signed by the authors, who were also present at the party.  Quite a few authors donated signed books for the raffle, and all proceeds went to Solid Ground, a charity that works in the local neighborhood, South Park, in Seattle.  We also went home with a "party favor", which was a quart-sized can of Anonymous Source Ale.

All in all, this was a great experience, and we're happily looking forward to the sequel, which A. C. says is already in the works and will be titled Inverted Pyramid.

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