Sunday, August 2, 2015

Seventh Monthly Assessment - July 31st

Wow - July already!  This month I haven't made progress - too busy having fun!  I gained back another pound - to 130 - and I better get back on track because I bought my whole last Stitch Fix shipment and I don't want to grow out of my new clothes!!

My shape doesn't look any different from last month, so instead of the usual front and side views, I'm going to show you how I look in my latest Stitch Fix clothes, compared to how I looked in my "before" picture.  You can see that, thanks to feeling better and losing some weight, I am paying more attention to my appearance and looking better  : )

Some differences you can see:  slimmer, better posture, my new blonder hair color, stylish clothing.

Three changes that don't show in the photos are especially motivating -
  1. Nothing hurts - no joint pain!  
  2. I can see some muscle definition in my arms, legs and even shoulders!  This is mostly thanks to Stan's keeping me on track going to the gym twice a week, and also due to losing some flab so I can see the muscles. 
  3. I am just barely starting to see some little lines on each side of my face as it has become thinner.  Not crows' feet!  Not wrinkles!  I mean the little lines that sometimes show up on attractive faces of both male and female gender.  Jamie Lee Curtis' photo is a good example of what I mean.  I have just always thought they look nice and wished I had some.  

Hmm, how about a pixie cut like this for me??  My stylist, Thuy, warns that it takes a lot of "product" for a pixie hairstyle, especially for hair as thin as mine.  Thuy recommends a "thinning hair solution" called Cerafill.  I bought a small sample of one of the products - there are about 5 different items.  Expensive, but would be nice if it really works.  Here's the small sample and it does really make my hair feel thicker.  It's a spray for after washing and before styling that supposedly plumps up each strand.  It felt like I had more volume the entire two days before my next wash.

Okay, what went well this month?
  • Considering how I've been eating, I'm lucky to only have gained a pound.  Better watch it!
  • I have my vitamins sorted out for the week and have been taking them
  • Made bone broth (also used some of it to make really good beef with barley soup with some leftover roast beef and garden carrots)
  • Got back to walking more as it has been a bit cooler lately
  • Golf still improving - going every week is getting results for both of us

Where do I need improvement?
  • Eating too much
  • Have had ice cream and cheese with crackers and even wheat bread - things that are definitely only for cheats
  • On and off with wine - not bad, but not great
  • Only did physical therapy exercises one time this whole month

What to focus on in August?
  • Back to basics - review my early posts and what I was eating
  • Make some paleo muffins or other "carby" items so I'm not tempted to eat wheat crackers
  • We're planning two camping trips - make sure we do as much hiking as eating!  Don't bring cheat-type food
  • Walk every morning
  • Do PT exercises at least 3 times per week

Here's an update on the Aerogarden herbs - messy but still producing nicely!  I have mint or basil in my salads and I dried some of the sage.  Stan cooked yummy pork with tarragon cream sauce  : )

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