Saturday, December 27, 2014

So How Will I Know When I’m Strong?

 I want to have a checklist of signs I’m making progress.  Here are some accomplishments I’ll aim for:

·      Climb the stairs without huffing and puffing, even carrying the laundry basket
·      Walk 4 miles in an hour
·      Complete a 10+ mile walk with Charla – maybe to the lighthouse at Dungeness Spit  (Charla is my lovely co-grandma of Mira and a good walker.)  (Stan and I already did this last year so I know I can.  Eleven miles round trip and the lighthouse keepers serve tea and cookies when you arrive!)
·      Swim ½ hour without stopping, then one hour
·      Do one-legged sit-to-stand (this is an exercise from my physical therapist Anne.  Tried physical therapy to help hip pain – will work if I would just do the exercises!)
·      Do step up and back on a full-size step (another physical therapy exercise)
·      See some shoulder/upper arm definition, lose the batwings
·      Be carrying 15 fewer pounds
·      Feel ready for backpacking or maybe horseback vacation

What will I do to get started?
·      Get back to the gym Wednesdays and Fridays for weight circuit (Newcastle Family Y)
·      Try the morning swim, at least 4 times
·      Try the Gentle Yoga class
·      Build up miles walked.  Can use Runtastic app to record mileage.
·      Do Physical Therapy exercises – this is the boring, slogging part of the quest!  I love to walk, but hate to get down on the floor and exercise.
·      Continue writing down what I eat every day and what tastes good.  I’m trying to focus on how good real food tastes when one is not eating sugar.
·      Document healthy recipes that taste good so I can make them again.  (And when I find some good ones, I’ll share them with you.)
·      Gradually implement Wahls protocol – this is a book I will write about in my next post.
·      Assess every month – what is working, what is not, how to fix it

I do know there are other more important strengths than physical – strength of character, strength in the face of adversity.  I just feel that I’ll enjoy the rest of my life more if I increase my physical strength to the best of my ability.

Okay, the sun is shining.  I’m going for a walk  : )

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