Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Las Vegas, Here We Come!

Stan and I are off to Las Vegas tomorrow, he to a conference and I to have lunch with a friend I worked with when I lived there a long time ago.  We will stay at a Worldmark condo, which is a timeshare organization that Stan has belonged to for many years.   They are always comfortable and convenient, a perfect home away from home, especially for folks who like to do some of their own cooking while traveling.  They are decorated in an attractive and calm, clutter-free style that is a welcome rest from all our belongings at home.  (Stan always admires how the drawer of cooking gadgets has 5 or 6 items neatly side-by-side, instead of the tangle that is ours.)

In the city of excesses, I am planning not to forget my healthy goals!  Here are some ways I’ll keep to the plan while traveling:

·      Swim!  The timeshare has a lovely pool.  I’m hoping the weather will be warm and I know they usually keep the pools nicely heated.

·      Walk!  We know from experience you can walk miles along the strip from casino to casino.  A few years ago we also drove out to Red Rock, and we can find a place to hike there.

·      Eat!  Salad, that is.  Everywhere we go there will be healthy choices, even at those giant buffets.  I have avoided sugar for a while now, so fruit tastes sweet like a dessert.  If I can avoid looking at the pastry offerings, I’ll be okay!

Market Street Cafe, at the California casino

·      Cook our own breakfasts, and maybe a dinner.  After a few days of mostly eating out, it’s a relief to just have salmon or a steak with broccoli, and, of course, the two squares of dark chocolate that are our daily dessert.

Cooking veggies for my breakfast at home

·      Avoid alcohol…  I know it’s everywhere there, but since we’re not really gamblers, no one will be pressing drinks on us.  It probably sounds boring, but the evening is more likely to find us watching a movie than living it up at a club.  I know Stan will have wine at our condo, but fortunately he likes red and I prefer white, so it’s a bit easier to resist sharing his.

We do have two special events planned.  One is tickets to see the musical JerseyBoys, playing at the Paris casino.  It’s the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons – all the music I listened to in high school!!  I’ve already got the songs running through my head – Big Girls Don’t Cry, Sherry, Walk Like a Man.

We’re also going to eat a gourmet dinner one night at Alizé, at the top of the Palms casino.  Since Stan’s hobby is cooking he loves to see what the really good chefs are doing, and believe me, my eyes have been opened since I’ve been with him!  We still talk about the dinner we had at a different restaurant in Las Vegas three years ago, in Mandalay Bay.  If it were still there, we’d be going back, but we had to research a new one and Alizé sounds great.

They offer a tasting menu of several small courses, which limits the options down to two or three choices for each course.  Naturally a wine pairing is offered with each course.  Stan will taste the wines and I’ll have one glass of a nice white.  I’ll be our designated driver, which will help keep me to my plan when it’s actually time to order.  And yes, I’m definitely planning to eat the dessert!  I’ll report on all of it when we get home.

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