Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Grand Dog

Today I'd like to introduce my dear granddog, Wilbur.  He lives with my daughter Melanie and son-in-law Ben, in Portland, Oregon.  He is five years old now, and quite the well-mannered grown up dog.

I enjoyed a visit with Wilbur during my weekend with Melanie, when Ben and Wilbur drove over to Cannon Beach for lunch and a walk in the sand.  Wilbur loves the beach!  He bounded into the water over and over again to chase his ball, and when Ben threw it on land Wilbur could catch it on a bounce.  I was proud of how well-behaved he was on the beach, never bothering other families and politely greeting other dogs.

Last year Wilbur came along with Melanie and me on a getaway to Hood River, Oregon.  He was a great hiker!

Here he is with some of his favorite people, his cousin Mira and his Mom and Dad.  I love it when Wilbur and his family come to visit us.  We've had to leave him alone in our house a few times and he's been really good.  His "parents" give him a run around the dog park first, and he has never caused any mischief when we've been away.

When I know I'll be seeing Wilbur soon, I send the message "tell Wilbur Grammy is making cookies".  A magazine I like, Clean Eating, has a pet treat recipe each month.  This time I made Chicken Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits.  They smelled pretty good!  If I hadn't used the dog bone cookie cutter, Stan might have been interested.

Wilbur enjoyed his treats!

I'll miss him until I see him again!

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  1. Wilbur is enjoying some of your frozen peanut butter biscuits right now!