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Fourth Monthy Assessment - April 30th

Four months into my year of health I'm finding that changing one's habits is a very slippery slope!  This month my blog took a back seat to other activities, in my mind as well as in my schedule.  I got busy on a quilt idea, took a weekend getaway with Melanie, and Stan and I were away from home and eating out more than usual.  I did lose two pounds, down to 131 - actually pretty exciting!  My all-time high, not counting pregnancy, was 155, and last Christmas I was 145.  Early in April I saw 128 on the scale, but it went right back up to the 130's as the month progressed.  My waist is down another quarter inch to 31 1/2.

These are some "skinny shorts" that I couldn't wear at all last summer, and note the tucked-in shirt.  I love how neat a tucked-in shirt looks, but with my high waist and low-hanging boobs, I never wear it that way.  Maybe if I lose a little more...

January 31st
April 30th

January 31st
April 30th

Stan and I spent a weekend at Alderbrook Resort on Hood Canal at our investment club retreat.  Fun!  I noticed a few things - both good and bad.  Eating three meals a day at a nice restaurant can be a lot of food.  At both dinners I had a cup of soup (delicious clam chowder and tomato bisque - both calorie-laden, I'm sure) and a small-sized salad instead of an entree.  Probably still too many calories, but I watched others eat the soup plus an entree and, sorry, I felt a bit smug.  It's so easy to get cocky!  However, I had wine both nights and coffee with cream both mornings.  Their coffee was really good, so I had some at lunchtime, too.  They had a basket of those chocolate mint hard candies on a table as you left the restaurant, and I can't count how many of those I had.  Sugar!!  Also there were cookies and goodies on a table in our conference room.  I did sort of okay with those - one Oreo and one big chocolate chunk cookie.

Several ladies and myself went for a swim before dinner.  How refreshing!  I had planned to take a much-needed nap before they invited me to swim, and the swim perked me up much better.  Must remember that for the future - I bet a walk outdoors would have a similar effect. 

What worked well:
  • I'm still having coffee-free days at home when I drink only tea instead of coffee with cream or milk
  • I'm still having veggies with egg or sausage for breakfast most of the time
  • Still eating salad with vinegar and oil most every day
  • Still walking and going to the gym, although we missed quite a few gym days when we weren't home
  • Knock on wood - my hip pain is pretty much gone!  I know this is thanks to the physical therapy I had last spring - I'm remembering to tighten my gluteus medius and what few "core" muscles I have, and I'm not having pain climbing stairs or getting out of the car

What still needs work:
  • I fell right back into drinking wine when we traveled and socialized.  After a few days of that, then I want some at home too
  • I drank coffee two weekends in a row while away, and now I'm starting to miss it on my coffee-free days at home
  • I haven't made bone broth for a while and sometimes want to grab something fast instead of cutting up veggies for a lunch salad.  I'm seeing how hard it is to eat like this when a person is working or doing things other than focusing on food.

Goals for May:
  • As usual, cut down on the wine!
  • As usual, do my physical therapy exercises!
  • Find some ways to prep food for several meals at once and other time-saving ideas 

This is Alderwood Resort on Hood Canal.  There's a great pool and hot tub in the white building on the left.  We partied on that beautiful boat that belongs to one of our club members, and ate hors d'oeuvres by another member who is a caterer.  Aren't we fortunate!

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