Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Beautiful Wedding

Last weekend Stan and I, Tyler, Alethea and Mira went to northern Idaho for the wedding of my nephew, Christopher.  It was wonderful!  We got to meet Kellie, his lovely bride, and catch up on the family.

The wedding was held at Farragut State Park, overlooking Lake Pend Oreille - a beautiful setting on a beautiful day.  The couple's family and friends had organized everything, from a white carpet for the bride to walk down, to a delicious lunch for a couple hundred people, a fabulous wedding cake (and gluten-free cupcakes for some of us), and dancing, complete with instruction.  The love the community has for this young couple was evident everywhere.

 Christopher and Kellie met many years ago through the home schooling program their families are involved with, though it's just in the past year or so that they became "a couple".  Christopher manages two karate studios and Kellie is a fashion designer.  Their families delighted in telling us how, as they started spending time together, each started learning the other's interests.  Kellie stepped up and got into karate, and Christopher took dancing lessons.  You should have seen them dance!  Swing dancing is obviously popular in their community and we loved seeing young folks, boys included, taking pride and joy in their dancing.  They encouraged the guests to dance, too - that's Tyler and Mira below right.

Since I love sewing, let me tell you about Kellie's fashion designs.  She designs "romantic and adventurous clothing", and she seems to have anticipated the fashion of tulle skirts.  Hers are floaty and gorgeous - perfect for a wedding, prom or ball.  You can see her designs on her website Kellie Falconer Design.  She made her own wedding dress - it was lovely and absolutely floated when she danced.  She also made the skirts of her bridesmaid dresses, and several of the bridesmaids, her sisters and friends, made their own tops.  As you can see, they are wonderful seamstresses.  I'm working on a quilt at the moment, but seeing those dresses motivated me to sew some clothing, too!

All in all, a wonderful uplifting experience!  The joy Christopher and Kellie find in each other is so evident it's contagious and the day seemed magical.  Mira expressed all our feelings driving back to the hotel when she said "I like it here.  Let's move here!"  Not likely to happen, but we could all see the appeal of the northern Idaho lifestyle.

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