Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stitch Fix

Oh the hope!  The possibilities!  While my first Stitch Fix package lies unopened at the door I can imagine how slim and elegant I'm going to look in my new outfits!

Have you heard about how Stitch Fix works?  You sign up online and give them some info about your size and style preferences and choose a price point.  Then they style you!  You get a package with five items (yup - there are five items that are hopefully going to fit me in that small box ...).  You have three days to decide which to keep and which to return.  If you return all of them there's a fee of $20.  If you keep all of them you get a 25% discount.  Each time you provide feedback about what worked and what didn't, so they get to know you better and better.  A little later, when I'm up to it, I'll open the box and let you know how it goes...

Well, okay.  That wasn't too bad.  I think my stylist, Angie, did a good job for my first Fix.  All are of very soft nice fabric - just the feel of them makes me want to keep them.  I also like everything, but I don't look good in all the items, so will be returning some.

Here's what I got:

 Liked this gray tee shirt with lace over it but the neckline was cut beyond repair.  The Stitch Fix folks don't have another one, so I'll be sending this back.  That's okay.  I'm not sure gray is my best color.

I like the "dolman" style green top and will keep it.  I like the necklace too - not sure whether it goes with the neckline on this shirt.  Readers??  Do these go together?  I'm going to get the necklace shortened, as I think it's supposed to start a bit higher up.

This dress looks so cute on the hanger, and it feels so very soft!  However, not for me.  Too long and those horizontal stripes just highlight my tummy  : (   Notice how the stripes are not matched from front to back?  That makes it easier to send back.

These shorts would be cute if I were in my twenties, but alas, that was a long time ago.  They go back.  They were actually a little big.  Hah!

I think two out of five is okay for the first time.  I'm happy that I actually like all of them.

I learned about Stitch Fix from my daughter Melanie.  Here's a picture of her items, and I just know she looks great in all of them!

There are options to request each fix separately, whenever you want another one, or to automatically get one monthly or quarterly.  I signed up for monthly, assuming I wouldn't be keeping many of the items, and I can cut back at any time.  My own wardrobe has been so neglected that I could get clothes for several months without filling up the closet or having too many choices!


  1. I love the green shirt and necklace together, and it looks like the right length to me. Perfect for a night out!

    1. Thanks Melanie! I had pulled up the necklace in back, so when I get a few links out it should look about like it does in the photo. I love your Fix - especially the blue shirt with striped jacket!