Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Great (Wheel) Day

Today I had an invitation from my granddaughter, Mira, to ride the Seattle Great Wheel.  Yippee!  It was a beautiful day for it, warm and sunny.

We took the bus downtown and walked to the waterfront, past the Hammering Man in front of the Seattle Art Museum, who was working on Sunday.  Apparently his only day off is Labor Day!

We bought our tickets and had to wait in line for a few minutes.  Then we were on our way up!

It was cool!  Beautiful view of the city, Elliot Bay and the Olympic mountains.

After our ride, we planned to eat lunch at Ivars;  however, due to the construction of a tunnel along Seattle's waterfront, that and many other places were closed.  We walked north along the water for a terrific lunch at Anthony's.  Mira introduced me to this great beverage - half and half lemonade and sparkling water.  I asked for mine light on the lemonade, and our waiter made them both perfectly.

As you can see, we had two great lunches!  Shrimp mac and cheese for Mira and salmon salad with cranberries for me.

It was a great day.  Good idea, Mira!


  1. Excellent! Have to do that someday.

    1. I recommend it. I bet Mira could be persuaded to go again : )

  2. Thanks again, Grammy, for taking me on the wheel and out to lunch. I love your blog posts. Please keep it up! Love, Mira

    ** **
    ***** *****

    1. I enjoyed it too, Mira, and I love writing my posts - thanks for reading!

  3. Wow, beautiful pics! Reminds me of the time we rode on the London Eye. You two look great!

    1. Remember we went on one outside the Louvre, too? I also hear there's one in Moscow...