Sunday, March 1, 2015

Second Monthly Assessment – February 28th

Wow – two months of my year of health are already over.  I’m a bit disappointed I only lost one pound this month.  Or to be more accurate, I lost the same two pounds several times, varying between 138 and 136 and ending today at 137.  However, my waist measurement has gone down 1/4 inch.  I hope this means I’m making some muscle (not sure where – I don’t see any - I think I'm just standing up straighter).

January 31st
February 28th

January 31st
February 28th

 (Please don't think I wear these shirts in public... much too tight, but good for assessing my figure.)

What is going well?

  • I’ve maintained my improvement in sleep.  In February there was only one night where I was awake, tossing and turning and wishing I could get to sleep.  I was going somewhere early the next day, and sometimes just knowing that interferes with my sleep.
  • I’ve maintained my good digestion – not a single instance of feeling overstuffed.
  • I have made good choices when eating out.
  • I enjoyed swimming twice a week all month.  This means leaving the house by 8 AM, so I’m proud of that, too. 
  • I have cooked and enjoyed several recipes from my healthy cookbooks and from blogs I read.

What still needs work?

  • I’m still drinking wine, although overall less than last month.
  • I think the portions I’m eating are too big.  Sometimes when I look at a photo of my plate I think “Wow, that’s a lot!”  I often don’t eat it all, and save some for the next day’s lunch, but it shouldn’t go on my plate in the first place.
  • I’ve had a little trouble with my right hip.  It had seemed better for a while, but now feels weak and hurts going up the stairs.  Stan asked the annoying question, “Well, are you doing your physical therapy exercises?”  No.  I also think losing weight would help.
  • I’ve had a stiff neck, possibly caused by swimming, since I hold my head up out of the water.  I also have to be careful of my neck when doing the weight machines, as it’s easy to strain it when working my arms and shoulders.  I finally took one Aleve, which helped a lot.  (That was the only pain medication I took this month.)

Goals for March:
  • Quit drinking wine
  • Do physical therapy exercises 4 times per week
  • Keep up the good eating

I read a bit about doing a short-term cleanse – not fasting or anything like that – just a period of being extra careful and completely eliminating some foods that may be causing trouble.  I’m considering giving it a try, and if I do, I’ll let you know how it works out.  ‘Nuff said – no promises!

This rose is a bit past its prime, but still very lovely, wouldn't you say?  I'd like to age so gracefully.

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