Friday, March 13, 2015

Quilting with Food

My quilter's eye noticed I had some lunches that looked similar to quilt fabrics - multi-colored up close, but from a distance they "read" one particular color.  Once I saw this, I just had to make the rest of the rainbow and arrange them together.  What a fun way to get my antioxidants!!

Most of these are just breakfasts or lunches I put together without a recipe, but I must mention the purple cabbage in the upper left.  It is a delicious recipe from the March 2015 Clean Eating magazine.  (Sorry, I couldn't find the recipe online.)  We had it with pork tenderloin and they went together very well.  (Those lighter-colored pieces are apple chunks.)

The tomato soup in the lower right is my dinner at our favorite wine bar, Vino at the Landing, where we go most Friday evenings.  That is Parmesan cheese in it, and a few croutons, which I leave in the bowl when I'm being good, and eat when I'm really happy to get a few bites of bread.

And the purple in the "quilt" below comes from Stan's mashed purple potatoes.  I've read they have more antioxidants than regular white potatoes.

A rainbow of good food!

Here's my quilt  : )

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