Monday, March 16, 2015

Time Out for Golf

Our favorite little golf course re-opened March first and Stan couldn't wait to get out there.  It's a very short "pitch and putt"-type nine-hole course in Bellevue that we discovered last year.  It's hardly ever crowded during the week, except for some high school kids who come out for PE.  (I wish we had learned to play golf in PE when I was in high school!)  On a few occasions we've even had it all to ourselves, as we practically did last week.

When we pay our Senior fee ($11 each), we can go around as many times as we want.  We can even go off for lunch and come back later in the day.  I noted on my Fitbit that one time around only resulted in half my daily goal of 10,000 steps, so we'll need to play 18 holes whenever we can.

Last year I bought new clubs.  My old ones were 17 years old, and I was pretty sure some new technology would improve my game.  Then I wound up going to physical therapy and chiropractic, and the chiropractor said no golf until September, so the clubs are still nearly brand new.  I was excited to get them out this year and I think I am hitting better, though they are not an instant cure-all.  Aren't they pretty??

Stan hadn't golfed until I urged him to try it, and our friends, Melanie's in-laws Sharon and Bill, arranged for a group golf lesson for the family.  It was fun and Stan got hooked!  I had to explain to him that when someone shows you a new activity, it's bad form to show her up right away.  I only beat him once or twice all last year.  This year will be different!  But he did beat me our first time out : (

When Stan saw the photos of our first time out, he remarked we had dressed like gardeners, not golfers, so we tried to do better today!

Stan makes a long putt

Darn, he beat me again today

The orange ball is easier to find when I'm off in the rough

A great way to get outdoors and get some exercise! 


  1. So fun! You are definitely deserving of some extra points for showing up with those clubs. Come to think of it, your Fitbit should be able to track your stylishness while getting some exercise.

    1. Yes, there definitely should be extra credit for style! Thanks for reading and commenting.