Saturday, February 14, 2015

Feeling Grateful for my Valentine

Today was both a happy and sad Valentine's Day for us as we attended a memorial service for a good friend who died way too soon.  It was heart-warming to hear all the tributes and funny stories people told about Vicki and her influence on their lives.  It makes me think of how lucky I am in my own life and renews my desire to get strong and healthy, and also to treasure every day I'm here with my family and friends.

I'm so lucky to have Stan for my Valentine!!

He's cooking me a fabulous dinner right now!

I never met Stan's mother, but she sounds like a wonderful and formidable lady.  She came several times from Ireland to visit Stan, and each time she brought some of this collection of Royal Albert china for her son, who chose to make his home in the U. S. 

Wow!  This is filet mignon on top of lobster mashed potatoes with bearnaise sauce and a veal stock, and broccoli.  Yes, I drank the wine - also delicious - Devil's Playground Cabernet Sauvignon by Mark Ryan, the Underground Wine Project.


And I ate a couple of these, too!  Delicious!!  From QFC in Bellevue, they were yummy!

Okay, tomorrow I'm back to my healthy program!

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  1. btw - I just checked out Healthy Valentine's Day Desserts by the Detoxinista - Wow - we're having one of those (maybe two) next year!