Sunday, February 1, 2015

First Monthly Assessment – January 31st

It’s hard to believe the first month of the year is over already!  I’m not sure I’m one twelfth of the way to being strong, but I have made a start. 

As you can see, just standing up straight and losing the hat and wine glass helped!  And I've lost 6 pounds.  My starting weight for this blog was 144, which isn't that heavy, but I'm 5'2" and small-boned.  In my twenties I was 5'3" and weighed 110.  (Jason Seib, The Paleo Coach, says forget about losing weight - we're trying to add muscle, which is heavier, so the weight isn't the important thing.  I measured my waist and it is 32 3/4 inches.  Will report that monthly as well.)

What is going well?

·      I’m sleeping better.  After not drinking wine for several days, I can be pretty confidant I will sleep most of the night, and if I am wakeful I am still comfortable, not tossing and turning or having a hot flash.

·      I love walking!  I’ve always enjoyed taking walks, but now I’m getting excited about going for longer distances.  It’s fun to use Runtastic to see how far and how fast I went.

·      I have definitely proven to myself that when I don’t eat sweets for a while, other food tastes better.  Fruits taste amazing!

·      I haven’t had a single incidence of feeling stuffed and bloated – no GasX needed. I think this is due to cutting out bread and grains.

·      I have only taken one Tylenol this month.  I was using it several times a week when I woke up tossing and turning and had hip pain.  Now I’m either sleeping through the pain, or just not having it!

·      When I started this blog, I had a skin rash that the doctor said was a yeast infection.  I also had gotten a sore throat and cold right before Christmas.  I think they would have been better by now anyway, but maybe my avoidance of sugar helped get rid of the yeast.

What Still Needs Work?

·      I still want wine, and when I drink some, it’s very hard to keep it to one glass.  If we go out and I have one glass with dinner, I tend to pour myself another from Stan’s box of red when we get home.  For me, it seems to be all or nothing - the easiest glass to avoid is the first.  Darn it.

·      It was much harder sticking to my plan while traveling than I expected.  Since we want to do more traveling, I need to fix this!  We’re taking a short trip to Victoria, BC in February so I have another chance.

·      I skip my physical therapy exercises more often than I do them.

·      I still have occasional hip pain, especially going up stairs and after a long walk.

·      I ignore the plan when a "special occasion" arises.  Could be bread on the table when we go out, a trip to Starbucks with a friend, something nice happens, something bad happens;  I have a treat or glass of wine. 

Goals for February:

·      Stick to the plan regardless of emotions or opportunity

·      Quit drinking wine!

·      Keep eating veggies!




  1. Awesome posts mom! Your efforts are really showing here and the three of us are enjoying it very much! Also, it's obvious that you are really working deeply on building a healthy lifestyle. It seems to me that at least half of the effort is related to learning and just generally developing a philosophy regarding diet, fitness and overall health.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Tyler! It means a lot to know my family and friends are checking up on me. Yes, definitely a learning effort - there's so much contradictory information, I think individuals can vary greatly in what works for them.