Friday, February 13, 2015

Really Delicious Rosedale Recipe

I'm impressed with how good the recipes are that I've made from the Rosedale Diet book, one of the authorities I'm using for my year of health.  This one is simply called "Black Cod", but the flavor is so much more!  (You don't need black cod either, I've made it with true cod, Pacific cod, and rockfish.  I just pick whichever white fish is fresh and looks best.)  I don't believe I can give you the recipe here without infringing on a copyright, but I'll tell you at the end of the post how to find the recipe online.

Here are the ingredients:

It calls for spinach, but I've also used kale and chard with good results.  It calls for black olives, but I used calamatas because I can buy only the tiny amount I need at the QFC olive bar.  The chopped up white stuff is a garlic clove and the greens are parsley and basil.  You need a little olive oil, too.

Here's how I keep the parsley and basil and they last quite a while.  The basil was one of those packages that have roots in a little cup of dirt.

It takes very little work to get the dish ready for the oven.

And here's the delicious result.  Somehow the lemon juice, olives, basil and parsley blend into a very tangy and delicious sauce.  And it's healthy  : )

I didn't find the recipe on the Rosedale website, but it is included in a .pdf at the publisher's website that is actually an electronic version of most or all of the book.  You can just go to this link for the .pdf and go to page 120 of the .pdf.  Page 120 shows page 265 of the actual book.  Scroll a bit and you will see the recipe for Black Cod, as well as many others.  We liked the Stuffed Peppers, too, on page 277 of the book.

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