Monday, February 23, 2015

Growing Herbs with Aerogarden

Today I planted a new batch of herbs in our Aerogarden.  We've had it for several years and have enjoyed having fresh herbs available year round.  Ours has spaces for seven plants, and I put in Genovese basil, Italian parsley, sage, dill, tarragon, mint and thyme.  They should start sprouting in a week or two.

What got me motivated to get this going was the beautiful catalog we get from the Aerogarden company every year.  It has lots of color photos of all the things you can grow.  This picture caught my eye and I was thinking how nice it would be to have tomatoes right here in the house.

So I ordered another garden, and it arrived last week.  (On sale for $199.96.)  You can see they are a bit fancier now, with LED lights.  I set it up next to the other one and planted two Red Heirloom cherry tomatoes and one Golden Harvest.  The new Aerogarden has seven places for plants, and we can do seven herbs sometime, but when you plant something larger like tomatoes, you only plant three and put spacers in the other holes. 

After planting, all you have to do is keep the water reservoir full and add nutrients every two weeks.  There are lights that remind you when to do that, and the lights over the plants are on an automatic schedule, so, not too much effort required.  Here's what the control panel on the new one looks like.

Usually Stan has planted ours, and this was my first time, so I hope I did everything right and they will grow!  In a few weeks I'll show you how they're coming along.

P.S.  As I typed in the price of the new garden, I realized I'm spending a bit of money on my project to get healthy and strong this year.  I'll keep track, and let you know at the end of the year.

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